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Snow in Hidden Valley Ranch

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Snow Protocol Reminder
Hello Hidden Valley Community,
The first snow of the season has fallen and we hope everyone stays safe!
First, be safe, drive only when absolutely necessary.  Our association is hilly and the streets can ice up and be slippery even after they've been plowed.  Second, don't park on the streets in snowy weather; we need to have the road clear for snowplows. Hidden Valley has barrels of cinders strategically placed in spots near icy hills. Use them if necessary. Third, be prepared, you may not be able to leave your home for several days. Make sure you have enough medications and supplies. If you have any appointments or work commitments, you may want to let them know you may not be able to leave your home.  Forth, If you have a serious medical or other emergency, call 911.
HVA contracts with a private snow removal company that has snow removal contracts with other associations in addition to ours. Their resources are limited and all our streets will not be cleared quickly.  Their priority is to clear an initial path for emergency vehicles and then return later to clear a wider path. They are willing to come out to our hilly neighborhood on the edge of town, and we appreciate their work. They have a few requests from us listed below:
Sometimes we get concerns or complaints because the road isn’t wide enough but what we try and do is at least get all the roads to where an emergency vehicle can get to them, it may only have one pass (one car width) but we will be back later to widen it.
When it starts snowing at night, we do not go up steep or down steep roadways until morning. When it snows at night it is very hard to see and it turns into ice very quickly. The safety of our snow plow drivers is our #1 priority. If our drivers don’t feel comfortable plowing a road until they can have a clear vision of what it looks like in daylight, that is what we do.
If the road is too steep and Icy, we may have to get heavy equipment out there to plow it. We can’t operate heavy equipment at night, we can only operate during daylight hours.
When it snows more than 2 feet, it takes more time and effort to clear the roads than if it only snowed 6 or 8 inches.
We request Resident’s not to wave down our drivers for many different safety concerns.  Resident’s should not ask our drivers to plow their driveways, our contract doesn’t cover individual private property. Also, we are not responsible for snow blocking their driveway or mail box with snow, this is called a “windrow”. Our contract states that we are not responsible for clearing driveway entrances and/or mailboxes.

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HVA Sports Courts Study As of 9-3-2020
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